Read Our Terms & Conditions

  1. Participation in the Show by the Exhibitor is subject to:
    a. the acceptance of the Exhibitor by the Organizer at its complete discretion;
    b. the Exhibitor completing the booking and registration process;
    c. the acceptance by the Exhibitor of the Terms and Conditions current at the time of its Booking to exhibit.
    Acceptance will be expressly confirmed in writing by the Organizer upon receipt of the fully completed booking form. The Exhibitor will receive a copy of this confirmation via email which will include the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Booking.
  2. Bookings will close on the Final Booking Date unless sold out prior.
  3. An Exhibitor’s Booking cannot be transferred, shared with or on-sold to another organization.
  4. The Exhibitor agrees to staff and continuously keep the Exhibitor’s stand open throughout the course of the Show
  5. On confirmation of the Booking, the Organizer will issue an invoice to the Exhibitor for the Fee. If the Exhibitor fails to make full payment of the Fee by the due date on the invoice, the Organizer reserves the right to make the stand space available to other exhibitors. The Exhibitor must not occupy stand space at the Show until all Fees owing to the Organizer have been fully paid.
  6. Following acceptance of the Booking and receipt of the Fee, the Organizer will issue the Exhibitor an allocated area to set up its stand at the Show. The location of the stand will be at the Organizer’s sole discretion, and the Exhibitor will be notified of this location 8 weeks prior to the Show in the exhibitor manual.
  7. The Exhibitor acknowledges that Fee Inclusions will be as set out in the booking form for the Exhibitor’s Booking.
  8. An Exhibitor may cancel its Booking and receive a refund of 30% of the Fee paid, subject to providing written notice of the cancellation to the Organizer by no later than the Final Cancellation Date with valid reason of cancellation. No refunds will be provided for cancellations made by an Exhibitor after the Final Cancellation Date for any reason.
  9. In the event of cancellation of the Show for any reason including a Force Majeure Event, the Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that there is no possibility of postponement or holding the Show at any other time in that calendar year.
  10. The Exhibitor is responsible for the safety and security of its products and stand. Material on its stand must not be left unattended at any time during the Show or during bump in or bump out. Goods are left on the Exhibitor’s stand and/or Exhibitor storage area at the Exhibitor’s own risk.
  11. The Exhibitor must not pack up its stand partially or totally before closing time on the last day of the Show. The Exhibitor must not leave any goods or promotional material on its stand after 5pm on the last day of the Show.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time but will not amend the terms and conditions that were signed by the Exhibitor at the time of their Booking unless agreed in writing by both parties.